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Rotary Type K-cup Filling and Sealing Machine

Rotary Type K-cup Filling and Sealing Machine

KIS900 rotary type coffee capsule/cup filling and sealing machine is used for packing coffee powders(or other kinds of powder products like tea powder, coconut powder etc.)

It is specially designed for filling small coffee capsule cups.

we have successful experience design and manufacture for different kinds of coffee capsules, the filling systerm has press function to ensure all fluffy powder into the cup/capsule compact.

Nitrogen is opitional.

Can be customized for packing K-cup, Nespresso capsule, Lavazza capsule and so on.

Main Function:

automatic cup dropping

automatic put filter

auger filling

automatic sealing

automatic cup exit

Technology Parameter

production capacity1500-2000cups/hour (special order optional)
filling range7-12g (special order optional)
power2 kw
air consumption0.8 M3/min
voltage220V 60HZ

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