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GF-4 Cup Washing Filling and Sealing Machine

GF-4 Cup Washing Filling and Sealing Machine


GF series are applicable to wash fill and seal cups and so on, used to wash fill with water, beverage and so on. Features:1. It adopts stainless steel as outside frame and U-shaped carbon steel or stainless steel as inside frame.2. The food contact parts adopt 304 or 316 stainless steel material with food hygiene requirements.3. It adopts pneumatic drive and PLC control. It can automatically drop cup, wash, fill, pull roll film, cut roll film and wasted film recycling or place pre-cut aluminium foil, twice heat sealing. Main Function:

automatic cup dropping
automatic washing
automatic filling
automatic pre-cut foil place(can be customized for roll film sealing)
double sealing
atomatic feed out with conveyor

Technical data

Production capacity1600-2000 cups/h3000-4000 cups/h5000-6000 cups/h7000-8000 cups/h9000-10000 cups/h
Filling range50~300ml
Filling accuracy<±1.5%<>
Power3N-50HZ 380V
Air consumption0.8 m/min0.8 m/min1 m/min1.2 m/min1.6 m/min
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