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Sleeve Label Wrapping Shrinking Machine

Sleeve Label Wrapping Shrinking Machine

Sleeve Label Wrapping Shrinking Machine

Technical parameter:
1,machine size:2000L*1200W*2000H(mm).
2,machine weight:about 350KG~650KG
3,applicable scope of bottle diameter:55-125(mm)
4,bottle height:15-320(mm)
5,applicable scope of bottle:round bottle, flat bottle
6,label length:30~130(Max)
7,label thickness:0.035~0.08mm
8,internal diameter of paper pipe:3``~10`` applicable
9,labeling speed:normal operation 0-200bottle/min.
10,using voltage:AC3 380V
11,consumed power:2.5-3KW
12,conveyor connect with sleeve labeling machine, power control by sleeve labeling machine.
13,bottle type or different size need to change center guide pillar and bottle spate screw.

sleeve labeling machine standard configuration:
1,whole cover use stainless steel external cover and aluminum main host:it will be more safety operation when user use, whole machine is water proof and will not rust.
2,adjustable knife plate: Original cyclotron cut-off, double blade, the longest service life.
3,center pillar: Simple and easy to replace and stable structure, stable label guide to send more durable..
4,bottle separate screw:bottle conveyor will not be easy move out.
5,synchronization label brush sending group:high accuracy and exact.
6,label sensor shelf:Original tail with sensor, improve the membrane material cutting precision.
7,man machine screen:operating more human type.
8,with bottle position system:A special positioning belt, power transmission reliable.
9,fix or movable double material shelf:save time for change label.
(3),After-sales service guarantee
1 meter from the date of acceptance, one year free warranty, the warranty period of abnormal machine, without human improper operation or external force damage, the seller is responsible for repair free of charge, but the consumables are not included in the warranty. Product life-long maintenance.
2. Training production personnel, help users through trial production

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