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ST-6040AF Automatic Sleeve Wrapper & Shrink Tunnel

ST-6040AF Automatic Sleeve Wrapper & Shrink Tunnel

This machine has the functions of automatic counting, arranging, transporting, sealing and cooperating with shrinking machine. It is suitable for easy-pulled can, glass bottle, bear, mineral water and other products to shrink film.

Technical data:
Max. packing dimension: L420×W270×H350mm
Min. packing dimension: L250×W50×H100mm
Power: 220/240V, 50-60HZ,1.6KW
Packing speed: 0-10pcs/minute
Film width/ thickness: Max. 590mm/ 0.03-0.25mm
Conveyor driver size: 900L×410W×400Hmm
Dimension: L1060×W1600×H1930mm
Machine Weight: 450kgs
Film Thickness: 0.03-0.25mm
Film: PE, POF, PVC, PP

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