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ST-6030 Semi-automatic Sleeve Wrapper & Shrink tunnel

ST-6030 Semi-automatic Sleeve Wrapper & Shrink tunnel

Description:The machine has a manual switch to push material, seal and cut the film, automatically push the package into the shrink tunnel. Suitable for cans, glass bottles, beer, mineral water and carton boxes. The speed of the tunnel is adjustable. The cooling system makes the shrink effect perfect.

Technical Parameter

Max Packing Dimension450*270*350mm
Min Packing Dimension250*60*60mm
Voltage220V-240V   50/60HZ380V 50/60HZ
Capacity0-6 packing/min
Conveyor Loading25KGS25KGS
Width/thickness of filmMax 550mm/0.03-0.25mm
Machine size1020*830*1980mm3300*890*1600MM
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