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Beverage Drink Mixer

Beverage Drink Mixer

QHS series beverage mixer is designed for water, syrup and carbon dioxide
Production: 1500kg/h 2500kg/h 4000kg/h

QHS series drmixer is designed and mde for improvingg the proportion of water, syrup and carbon dioxide. It adopts foreign advanced technology static mixer to lighten water layer, increase carbonizing time. Assure mixing result and deoxying. It has coor dinating action, beautiful appearance, convenient washing, high automatic level and other advantages. It is suitable for mixing all kinds of drink, such as soda water, fruit juice, colaand other soft and hard drink.

Model             QHS-1500                 QHS-3000                       QHS-4000                   QHS-6000

Production:     1500kg/h                      2500kg/h                         4000kg/h                     6000kg/h
Carbon dioxide content:      >2.6
Inlet temperature of the chilled water:       0-4°c
Power:              1.1kw                            2.42kw                            3.5kw                           5.1kw
Machine size(mm)
  1030*1180*1930           1550*1050*2000             1650*1300*2000      1900*1300*2250
Machine weight
 600kg                             800kg                            1300kg                         2500kg

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