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Carbonated Drinks Washing Filling Capping Line

Carbonated Drinks Washing Filling Capping Line

This line is mainly for washing, filling, and capping of carbonated drink, such as aerated-drink, cola, ice tea, aerated mineral water, and so on. It has many characteristics, such as easy operation, steady performance. It conforms to the sanitation requirements.It is an ideal choice for small-and medium-sized drink factories.

Technical Parameter:

Type & NameSpraying-type WasherIsobaric FillerRotatory Capper
Production Capacity:bph/350ml1000-20001000-20001000-2000
Heads of Washer, Filler, Capper12121
Applicable Bottle Type(mm)H:160-320Φ50-100/Volume/330-1500ml
Motor Power(kw)
Dimension/L*W*H mm1200*1200*16001200*1150*1980940*700*2130
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