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DXD-50Y Liquid Filling and Sealing machine

DXD-50Y Liquid Filling and Sealing machine

Range of measure0-50ml
Side seal the style3-side seal / 4-side seal
Method of measuringPiston pump
Size of bagL50-120mm W40-85mm
Speed40-70 bags/min
Control stylePLC control system + /English screen
Case of machineStainless steel
Power supplyAC220V single phase 50Hz
WeightN.W165kg G.W195kg
DimensionsL600mm W600mm H1700mm
Material of bagPaper/polyethylene cellophane/polyethylene plated aluminum/polyethylene BOPP/polyethylene nylon/polyethylene
Main functionThis machine can automatically make bags, fill, seal, cut, print codes and make easy tearing notches. It can be used to pack the fluidity of foodstuff, Chemicals, cosmetics etc. Such as: shampoo, facial cream, tomato paste, flavor oil, fruit juice ,honey and so on.  
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