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DXD-50KB Granule Packing Machine

DXD-50KB Granule Packing Machine

Name Granule packing machine
Bag shapeRear-center sealed pillow bag
Volume MethodCup weigher
Volume 50-250ml/bag
Control StylePLC system+ English operation screen
Control SystemMitsubishi PLC from Japan
Power SupplyAC220v single-phase 50Hz
AppearanceStainless steel
WeightN.W170Kg G.W190Kg
FilmLaminated film such as paper/polyethylene; cellophane/ polyethylene; plated aluminum/ polyethylene; BOPP /polyethylene ; nylon/ polyethylene
FunctionThese machines can automatically measure, make bags, fill, seal, cut, print codes and make easy tearing notches. They can pack all kinds of grain or granule, like coffee, sugar, salt, beans, washing powder, etc.
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