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Automatic Hydraulic Cup Making Machine

Automatic Hydraulic Cup Making Machine

CTM-660SB Series Automatic Hydraulic Cup Making Machine is new equipment, which has been developed and produced with many years of machine producing experiences of our company, it uses stable hydraulic system and pneumatic technology to control together, its operation is stable, noise is small, mold locking ability is strong and quality is high. It mainly consists of formed machine, material rack, material receiving machine and screen controlled by electricity.

1. The machine is completely automatic, productive speed is fast. Different products can be produced with different molds.

2. It uses import famous brands of electric and pneumatic fittings, so the operation is stable, quality is reliable and life is long.

3. The design of the mold is advanced and special, heat the thermoplastic plastic flake board and put on the mold, pull the piston, give the pressure to the air, keep the flake board close to the inside of the mold to form, then, cut and automatically blow the product. The structure of the whole machine is compact, one mold has all the functions, like pressure giving, forming, cutting, cooling, and finished product blowing, so the process is short, quality of the finished product is high and matches with national sanitary standard.

Technical Parameter

                   Model                                    CTM-660SB-A                                    CTM-660SB-B                                    CTM-660SB-C                
                   Material Used                                    PP,HIPS,PE,PS,PET,PVC Sheet Roll                
                   Sheet Width                                    300-660 mm                
                   Sheet Thickness                                    0.2-2 mm                
                   Forming Speed                                    15-30 moulds/minute                
                   Forming Depth                                    ≤125 mm                
                   Max. Sheet Roll Dia                                    700 mm                
                   Max.Forming Area                                    650×220 mm                                    650×220 mm                                    650×320 mm                
                   Main Motor Power                                    7.5 kw                                    7.5 kw                                    15 kw                
                   Overall Power                                    ≤66 kw                                    ≤66 kw                                    ≤76 kw                
                   Working Air Pressure                                    0.6-0.8 MPa ( 1.6 m³/min)                
                   Overall Dimension                                    3.15*1.5*2.3 m                                    3.4*1.6*2.3 m                                    3.4*1.6*2.3 m                
                   Weight                                    4100 kg                                    4200 kg                                    4300 kg                
                   Power Supply                                    380V/50HZ, Tri-phase, Four-wire                
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