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JBZ-A12 Paper Cup Forming Machine

JBZ-A12 Paper Cup Forming Machine

JBZ-A12 paper cup forming machine is a multistation automatic machine producing single-sided PE coated drink cups, ice cream cups or conical vessels of other food through continuous process of automatic paper feed, medium welding tube forming, cup rabbet lubrication, body paper rush, bottom pressing, heating, bottom knurling, upper mouth hemming, binding, unloading and finished product stacking. Main Characteristics:1. Precise box type indexing cam structure, the parts all adopt standard production, have high generality and good exchange performance, and facilitate equipment maintenance.2. The paper holder is provided with paper feeding detection function, so that it will alarm automatically when the paper is less than a certain amount. (optional according to the demand of the customer)3. The heat seal barrel forming part is provided with non-cup-barrel detection, alarming and sopping functions, which enhance the automation degree of the machine. (optional according to the demand of the customer)4. The bottom-punching part is changed into mechanical probe type detection which ensures the detection precision and the pass rate of finished products.5. The machine adopts high-position stopping device, so that the machine always stops at the highest point, the mold and the heating furnace are fundamentally separated and the paper cup is prevented from being burned.6. The large vertical shaft of the machine adopts oil tank lubricating, which ensures that the vertical shaft is soaked in the lubricating oil and is not damaged after long-time running.7. The company has improved the rolling part, the bottom punching part, the heating part, the rolling wheel and paper cutting, being capable of producing thick paper which is more than 300g/O, and is free of water seepage and water leakage. Technical Parameters

Specification of paper cup2oz,4oz,4.5oz,6.5oz ice cream paper cup6oz,8oz,9oz,12oz8oz,9oz,12oz,16oz8oz,9oz,12oz,16oz
Paper materialSingle-sided PE coated paper
Outer diameter of cup rabbet50-8050-9550-9550-95
Outer diameter of cup bottom35-7035-7035-7035-70
Cup height30-6050-12080-150100-175
Bottom depth≤10≤10≤10≤12
Rated productivity40-50pcs/min35-45pcs/min35-40pcs/min
Power supply380V 50Hz
Total power5KW6KW
Packing size(L*W*H)2800×1350×1760mm


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