XP-A Vertical Pneumatic Filling Machine

  • Type£ºPneumatic filling machine / pneumatic filler
  • Name£ºXP-A Vertical Pneumatic Filling Machine
  • Product Description
    The machine design is reasonable, small, easy to operate£¬All Pneumatic part use  Germany FESTO pneumatic components£¬Cylinder piston and cylinder used by the PTFE and 316L stainless steel£¬To the GMP requirements£¬filling closure head the use of leak-proof device£¬The machine can be assembled according to customer needs¡¢Pneumatic explosion proof device.
    air consumption£º  0.6 m3/min
    filling speed£º0-50 / 0-100bottle/min      
    filling accuracy£º1%
    filling range£º10-125, 25-250, 50-500, 100-1000, 250-2500, 500-5000ml
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