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Quad Seal Verical Automatic Packing Machine

  • Type£ºVertical Bag Packing Machine
  • Name£ºQuad Seal Verical Automatic Packing Machine
  • Product Description

     Applicable requirements of high measurement accuracy and fragile packaging bulk objects, such as: puffed food, potato chips, crispy rice, jelly, candy, pet food, pistachio, apple slices, dumplings, rice balls, herbs, etc..


    Model 420 520
    Bag length 80-300mm(L) 80-400mm(L)
    Bag width 50-200mm(W) 50-250mm(W)
    Max width of roll film 420mm 520mm
    Packing speed 5-45bags/min 5-40bags/min
    Measuring range 150-1200ml 150-2500ml
    Air consumption 0.65mpa 0.65mpa
    Gas consumption 0.3m³/min 0.3m³/min
    Power voltage 220V OR 380V 220V OR 380V
    Power 2.2KW 2.5KW
    Weight of machine 540Kg 650Kg


    Bag samples:

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