Coconut Juice Bottle Filling Sealing Machine

  • Type£ºRotary Cup/Tray/Bucket/Can Filling Sealing Machine
  • Name£ºCoconut Juice Bottle Filling Sealing Machine
  • Product Description

     KIS1800 rotary sealing machine suitable for sealing cans, bottles etc, it can be connected to a production line.

    Main Function:

    • automatic filling(optional)
    • automatic sealing, date-printing
    • Japanese OMRON PLC,Japanese IDEC switch, OMRON relay
    • Taiwan cylinder
    • Intelligent Digital Display Temperature Control System
    • Seal 2 bottles at a time.
    Technical Parameters


    1600-2000 bottles/hour


    500-1000ml (other volume can be customized)

    Power consumption

    1 kw

    Air consumption

    0.6 m3/min 


    380V 50HZ

    Machine size




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