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PM610 Inkjet Printing Machine

  • Type£ºDate Printing Machine
  • Name£ºPM610 Inkjet Printing Machine
  • Product Description

     Inkjet Printing Machine can print date on paper, plastic, metal, glass, wood, rubber, pipe, cosmetic 

    Font widened up to 9 times
    Printing content: in English, Arabic numerals, graphic logos, etc.
    Printing format: batch number, number, count, in English, graphics, automatic continuous printing, delayed printing, orthography, anti-word inverted character printing arrangement of
    Pinyin input method, digital input method, a full set of built-in character base, direct lattice editor
    can be used with computer docking garbled printing
    BMP pattern can be received by the computer-generated
    encoder synchronization, photoelectric synchronization, photoelectric synchronization distance, on-line the first test N times printing function.
    cabinet stainless steel

    Lattice Range
    7×6, 7×8, 8×12, 12×12, 16×16, 24×24, 5×5
    Printing Lines
    1-3 lines
    Letter Height
    1.2--15 mm
    Spray Speed
    2M/Sec (7*5 lattice single row)
    Print Material
    Paper, plastic, metal, glass, wood, rubber, pipe, cosmetic etc
    Material of machine
    Stainless steel
    220V 50HZ/60HZ
    Power Consumption
    Machine size


    Ambient temperature 5-40 °C
    Ambient humidity 10% -90% RH (no condensation)

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