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Manual Color Ribbon Printer

  • Type£ºDate Printing Machine
  • Name£ºManual Color Ribbon Printer
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    can print date on plastic film PT, PE, PVC, OPP, KT, aluminum foil, beverage bottles trademark 
    plastic composite material 


    Heat code printing machine utilize technology introduced from Japan.Hot printing color ribbon is used instead of printing ink,it has the advantages of small size,clear printing result,high adhesiveness,and temperature enduring. It can print on any kind of soft packing material. It's widely used in foodstuff industry,beverage,pharmacy industry and etc.It's easy to use and maintain.
    Application scope: printing date of manufacturing,production lot number,validity date,weight,quantity,price,size,components and etc.

    Technical parameter: 
    model: KY-300A
    voltage: 220V 50Hz
    heat printing width: less then 30 mm

    temperature: 150~200°C
    power: 60W
    lines can be printed: 1,2

    weight: 3kgs
    driven type : manual
    dimension(mm) : 250x150x220 


    Type size:

    Single row: 2 × 3.5 max 15 type

    Double row: 2 × 3.5 max 30 type

    Three row: 2 × 3.5 max 45 type

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