CL-600S Intelligent Paper Cup Machine

  • Type£ºPaper Cup Machine/Cup Thermoforming Machine
  • Name£ºCL-600S Intelligent Paper Cup Machine
  • Product Description

     Use the double turnplate ,double order to forming   paper cup .The CL-600S type machine is an upgrade  product that  base on  single  turnplate  paper cup machine . The machine adopts open-type , interrupted division design , gear drive , longitudinal axis design  . So they can reasonably distribute each part function ..

    The whole machine adopts Spray lubrication , thus reduce the parts abrade,  and it adopts Switzerland leister heater for cup body and bottom paper sealing ;  and silicon oil flow controlled by PLC & electromagnetic valve ,  in total two course for top curling forming , first course rotate top curling ,and second that   heating and forming , thus the cup forming will be more perfectly.

    PLC system controls the whole cup forming process. By adopting photoelectric failure-detecting system and servo control feeding, our paper cup machine’s reliable performance is guaranteed, thus offering a rapid and stable operation. The machine can auto-stop working when there is a failure. Thus it can greatly improve operation safety standard and reduce labor force. 

    Using CCD image detection system (optionally), it will detected the broken, tainted, and molding defects cups. without manual selection,it can reduce secondary pollution. CL-600S intelligent paper cup machine simplifies paper cup forming process,this machine can finish paper feeding£¬gluing,cup-bottom feeding,heating,knurling,cup-mouth curling,cup-collecting, one is especicall suitable for making paper cups with a height of 50-135.



    model CL-600S CL-600C
    weight 4200 kg 4400 kg
    Packing specifications 3030x1520x2250 mm 3130x1520x2250 mm
    Cup counting holder packing specifications 1290x570 x2100 mm 1290x570 x2100 mm
    total power three-phase 380V£¬18KW three-phase 380V£¬18KW
    Air supply requirement 0.5-0.8MPa£¬0.4cube/min 0.5-0.8MPa£¬0.4cube/min
    capacity 70-90 pcs/min 60-80 pcs/min
    Paper specification single PE/double PE single PE/double PE
    Paper grams 250-380g/©O 250-380g/©O
    Paper cups specification (A) φ60-95mm (B) φ70-135mm (A) φ60-95mm (B) φ70-180mm
    (C) φ45-65mm (D) φ5-12mm (C) φ45-65mm (D) φ5-12mm
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