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Automatic Bucket Labeling Machine

  • Type£ºLabeling Machine
  • Name£ºAutomatic Bucket Labeling Machine
  • Product Description

     Automatic Round Bucket Labeling Machine   

    Working principle
    * Core principle: put the product to the conveyor belt, into the bottle body, bottle dividing mechanism separate products, sensors detect the product after, back to the signal to the labeling control system, in the appropriate position control system control corresponding motor send labels and attached with a stay in product labeling position, at the same time scale, a label attached.
    * Operation: put the product conveyor belt (line) - > product delivery - > product separation - > product testing - > product positioning - > labeling and standard - > collection were post standard products.

    Applicable scope
    * Applicable label: the adhesive label, adhesive sticker film, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc.
    * Applicable products: between 30 mm to 90 mm diameter round bottles.
    * Application industry: widely used in medicine, food, toys, cosmetic, etc.
    * Application example: disinfection bottle labeling double labeling standards, gel water, a wine bottle is calibration label, etc.

    Technical parameters

    Label Weight 70-105g/m2(according to label material)
    Label Size Length50mm-290mm, Width 20mm-150mm
    Power 1.2Kw 380v
    Size L1.07m × W0.9m × H1.1m(platform)
    L2.5 m × W0.9m × H1.1m(whole machine)
    Net Weight about 380Kg
    Speed 6000 bottle/hour


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